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Library and bags
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Canvas Bag with pocket

Fabric: Canvas 280gsm, 8.2ozGreat for Sublimation prints.Size: 34 (height) x34 (width) cm/13.3x13.3'..

USD1.26 - USD2.50

Canvas pencil case makeup bag with colorful zipper

Fabric: Canvas fabric for Sublimation* Please note, the bags are all natural canvas color fabri..

USD0.24 - USD0.74

Canvas Tote Bag

Fabric: Canvas 280gsm, 8.2ozGreat for Sublimation prints.Size: 42 (height) x34 (width) cm/16.5x13.3'..

USD0.66 - USD0.99

Drawstring Bag 40x35cm (15.7x13.8'')

Fabric: 100% woven polyester fabric 170gsm, 5.0 oz.Size: 40x35cm/15.7x13.8''* The minimum ..

USD1.73 - USD2.99

Heavy Canvas Tote bag with 12cm side thickness

Fabric: Heavy Canvas 420gsm, 12.3ozGreat for Sublimation prints.Size: 40 (height) x 35 (width) + 12c..

USD1.73 - USD2.50

Library Book A Panel Bag

Bag Size: 60X38cm +7cm width(23.6‘’X15" +2.8“ width)Print Panel Size:45.2X28cm(17.8"X11")Fabric:&nbs..

USD3.31 - USD5.70

Library Book B Panel Bag

Bag Size: 60X38cm +7cm width(23.6‘’X15" +2.8“ width)Print Panel Size:25.4X20.3cm(17.8"X11")Fabric:10..

USD3.31 - USD5.70

Linen Pencil Wrap White

Fabric: Canavs polyester recombination 240gsmSize: 41 X 20cm (16" X 8")Outside Fabric: Polyeste..

USD2.31 - USD3.99

Linen Pencil Wrap-

Fabric: Canavs polyester recombination 270gsmSize: 41 X 20cm (16" X 8")..

USD2.31 - USD3.99

Pencil Case for Sublimation 26x13cm (10.2x5.1'')

Fabric: canavs polyester 350gsm, 10.32 ozSize: 26x13cm (10.2x5.1'')* The minimum quan..

USD1.57 - USD2.70

Tote Bag 30x25cm (11.8x9.8'')

Fabric: 100% polyester, woven fabric 170gsm, 5.0 oz.Size: 30x25cm/11.8x9.8''* The minimum quant..

USD1.33 - USD2.30

Tote Bag 38x33cm (15.0x13.0'')

100% polyester woven fabric170gsm, 5.0 ozSize: 38x33cm/15x13''* The minimum quantity is 10pcs. ..

USD1.54 - USD2.65

Tote Bag 38x33cm (15.0x13.0'') BOX Free Air Shipping

Free Shipping to USA with FedEx or Australia by TNTMinimum quantity for BOX price is 300pcs100% poly..

USD2.32 - USD2.32

Tote Bag 48x32cm (18.9x12.6'')

Fabric: 100% polyester 170gsm, 5.0 oz.Size: 48x32cm/18.9x12.6''* The minimum quantity is 10pcs...

USD1.73 - USD2.99

Tote Bag Long Tape

Fabric: canvas heavy polyester 310gsm, 9.1oz.Size: 32x35cm/12.6x13.8" Tape: 68X3cm/27X1.2" and ..

USD1.86 - USD3.20